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Frequently Asked Questions

How late is the venue available?

Music done at 11, and lights will be turned off at midnight!

Can we have a band?

Yes! Band or DJS are welcome. Music has to end at 11 and lights out at midnight. We will tell the DJ or band to turn the volume down if it is excessively loud. 

What about bugs? 

Please bring bug spray for your guests as sometimes it can be buggy. We may put citronella pellets on the property if needed. We will also have some bug spray available. 

When is payment due?

You may pay us at anytime but please pay us before the day of your wedding. Checks can be written out to Belsolda Farm. We can email or give you an invoice. In order to secure your reservation a $600 deposit is also required prior to booking.

What happens if it rains?

We provide options if it rains. We can put cushions on the benches in the Orchard to provide dry seating if the rain stops in time for your ceremony. We can also move the ceremony under a tent or inside the Barn. 

Do we need more decorations?

We provide lights, linens, and minimal decor. We have found that the simpler it is decorated, the more elegant it looks! Just adding flowers to the tables can be enough! 

What should I wear? 

Please dress for the weather! It might rain or shine. Grab an extra coat, umbrella and comfortable shoes so that you may fully enjoy the evening! 

Will we be able to rehearse? 

Yes! You can rent the day before your wedding for an additional fee and rehearse, set up, decorate, etc. If you don’t rent the day before, we may have another wedding booked. We sometimes host 2 weddings a weekend. In that case, you can rehearse for 1-2 hours for free on the day or 2 days before your wedding. 

What is the venues max occupancy?

We can seat 150 in the barn including the head table and we have tables and chairs for an additional 50 outside. 

Will it be hot in the barn?

We cannot control the weather! It may be hot! We have fans to help circulate the air and we can open both of the big barn doors. If it is cold, we have heaters to warm the space and we can close the doors. 

Do we need containers for kegs? 

We provide tubs to put beverages and ice in. We also provide coolers plus you have access to 2 refrigerators with  freezers. 

What do we need to provide?

You will need to hire caterers, dessert makers, florists, a DJ or band, bartending service, busses if you don’t want people driving, and someone to make coffee if you want coffee.

  Belsolda Farm


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